Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The Bergen International Festival ("Festspillene") is happening right now. We used to have the outdoor OiOi Festival at the same time as Festspillene, but now the main festival will have more concerts and other happenings outdoor (and yes, it is cold and it´s raining in Bergen these days).

After the opening ceremony, with the king and queen present, the portable noise project "Desibel" got going down by the sea. "Desibel" was originally made as a protest against a huge mining project in the valley Naustdal (2009), with music by Maja S.K. Ratkje. The music is thrown out of some huge green speakers (horns) (120 - 130 dB), and since we are here, we may choose to hear this as a protest against the environmental crimes of Bergen, or perhaps as shouts of joy to the nature around us.

And, let´s not forget, the Nattjazz festival is happening too.

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