Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trying to make up some Wyatt news

I can´t find too much news on Robert Wyatt´s activities these days, so I am stretching it a bit in this blog post!

- Emily Haines and Metric will release a deluxe edition of their fourth album "Fantasies". See interview in London Evening Standard (7 May 2010). Emily Haines is the daughter of poet Paul Haines, and a friend of Robert Wyatt! Watch the video for "Sick Muse" (and listen too!), and remember the solo album "Knives Don´t Have Your Back".
- Owen Pallett in The Bay Area Reporter (6 May 2010): "I grew up listening to Robert Wyatt and Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson, as well as really good singers such as Annie Lennox. Music takes all kinds, basically!" (!! indeed).
- All About Jazz review Beppe Crovella´s "What´s rattlin´on the moon" (26 April 2010).

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