Saturday, September 1, 2012

Field Music Play ...

Field Music are ready (October 1st) with their cover album "Field Music Play...".
They do a version of Robert Wyatt´s "Born again cretin", from "Nothing can stop us" (Rough Trade 1982).

"Field Music Play ..." will be released on CD only, and only 1000 copies are made. You have to buy it right here!

The track list:

1. Terrapin (Syd Barrett)
2. Born Again Cretin (Robert Wyatt)
3. Heart (Pet Shop Boys)
4. If There Is Something (Roxy Music)
5. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
6. Don't Pass Me By (The Beatles)
7. Fear is a Man's Best Friend (John Cale)
8. Rent (Pet Shop Boys)

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