Saturday, September 8, 2012

PUNKT Festival 2012 - Day 2

It´s pretty hard work being at the PUNKT festival (no, I´m not complaining). Seminars at 10:00 in the morning, afternoon concert at 13:00 and concerts and remixes from 18:00 to 24:00!
All happening in the new Kilden concert and theatre house (top photo).

Smalltown´s Joakim Haugland did a great speech on Friday, on working with music since being around 14 years old, and refusing to look upon his records as products, rather than pieces of art. He was supposed to have a discussion with Kim Hiorthøy, but he could not come.
Haugland did well on his own, and it´s great to hear people talk about their interests and goals in life, without using too big words!

The Estonian Weekend Guitar Trio played the free afternoon concert. I won´t try to classify their music, or put them in any known genre, but they were really great! Both impressing and entertaining.

The only evening concert I will mention is Mum´s! Fantastic floating Icelandic pop music, with beautiful lights on stage, and perfect sound! Magic!

And Marconi Union won the remix contest of the evening again (just kidding, no contest of course). This time they did a perfect live remix of Cyclobe. Ready made to issue as a record, if you ask me.

I also enjoyed Vladislav Delay´s remix of the Mum concert, and thinking about it, I realize I enjoyed the live remixes that really cooled down the original concerts (as Marconi Union did with S.C.U.M. and Cyclobe), or fed it lots of energy and kicked it around a bit (like Vladislav Delay with Mum).

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