Thursday, September 20, 2012

Uncommon Deities

Look out for the album "Uncommon Deities" (Samadhisound), to be released 24 September. This is music based on David Sylvian´s audiovisual installation at the Punkt festival in Kristiansand (Norway) in 2011, with lyrics by Paal-Helge Haugen (the god poems - "The God of....") and Nils Christian Moe-Repstad ("I swallowed earth for this").

These musicians are named on the cover: David Sylvian (reading English versions of the Norwegian poems), Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Sidsel Endresen and Arve Henriksen, and let´s mention the rest of them too: Ingar Zach, John Tilbury, Philip Jeck, Eivind Aarset, Dai Fujikura and Margalit Oved.

I had a great time at the concert in the installation at Punkt last year, and it sounds good on record too!
I have to admit that I tend to let David Sylvian´s warm voice just float around my ears, and not concentrate too much on the poetry, and I guess that just how much you will like this album, will depend on how much you enjoy the texts.

Video: Marc Atkins and Chris Bigg.

And since we are back to Punkt in this blog post, you may just as well read John Kelman´s report from this year´s Eno curated festival too, published in All About Jazz, right here.
Kelman does not write short blog posts, like some of us do!

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