Friday, September 28, 2012

Fracture Mechanics

You better watch out for Fracture Mechanics (warning:Norwegian link) if you like - oh, so quiet improv!

Fracture Mechanics is Burkhard Beins (percussion), Lucio Capece (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, electronics), Paul Vogel (electronics, clarinet) and Martin Küchen (saxophones, radios).

I heard them in Bergen on Wednesday, in a small room together with around 15 other people, and really enjoyed their slow, quiet and beautiful improvisation. For some minutes there, the only sounds came from one of the musicians fanning himself, with one of those feminine hand fans (pardon my English here, if this does not make sense, or sounds rude!).

It was too dark (and too much red lights) for my camera, but check out the flowers in one of the corners!
A nice concert poster here.

This band has not recorded yet, but I bought a couple of albums made by some of the musicians, and they will probably pop up here in a day or two.

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