Friday, September 7, 2012

Punkt Festival 2012 - Day 1

The Punkt festival 2012 started on Thursday, with concerts and live remixes at the new venue Kilden in Kristiansand (Norway). Curator: Brian Eno.

The first band on stage was S.C.U.M. (UK), invited by Eno after he heard a catchy song on the radio while he was cooking breakfast (my version of Eno´s story!)
I had trouble getting to the music because of the loud volume (and sound mix?) during S.C.U.M.´concert, but everything was fine when Three Trapped Tigers (UK) played. A fine concert from a powerful trio!

But Reggie Watts was king of the evening, no doubt about that. I have never heard him before (yes, shame on me), but this was one of the best concerts I have attended in a long time! He did opera, reggae, soul, r&b, rap and even more I guess, singing both with a young girl´s voice and the deepest bass, and with great humor too! Ace!

As is the way of the Punkt festival, all concerts were remixed live, and my favorite remix of the evening (even if both Eno and Arve Henriksen were on stage later) was the cool, nodding rhythms of Marconi Union (UK), working on S.C.U.M.´s concert.

And let´s not forget the lights on Punkt! All concerts are treated to the most fabulous lights, making the concerts a joy to both listen to and watch.

The Punkt organizers strongly advice us amateurs to keep still, and let the credited photographers do the job. I will behave, but still I just might sneak my camera out a couple of times, and share here as usual. Hope they don´t throw me out.

Picture of Reggie Watts being interviewed before the concerts started.

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