Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hanne Kolstø

If you want to check out some Norwegian pop music, make sure you don´t miss Hanne Kolstø! I have finally listened to her two solo albums, and have to agree with the good reviews she has gotten here!

The description of her music on her own site is probably as OK as any ones: "As a solo artist, Hanne Kolstø’s performances are anything but conventional. Her sound is composed of a mixture cold Casio synths, home-made beats, acoustic guitar and layer upon layer of voice. Her music is rooted in the 90s, with references to PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode and Björk".

And the songs are not only la-la-la-lovesongs I guess? At least Erik Pirolt´s cover pictures with Hanne´s black eye on "Riot Break" (2011) and sawing off an arm on "Flashblack" (2012), and the intense fighting video for "La-la-la-la Lovesong", is making me a bit insecure!?

Video: Vibeke Heide (Sentimeterfilm).
Actors: Alma Kirsti Skolmen Kaafjeld and Hanne Kolstø.

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