Friday, September 21, 2012

Neneh Cerry & The Thing remixes

Smalltown posted two remixes from the Neneh Cherry & The Thing album on Soundcloud.
Working on a full remix album?

First one out here is Lindstrøm and Prince Thomas with their remix of "Cashback", followed by Kim Hiorthøy´s "What Reason Could I Give".

Added 22 September:
A remix EP is on the way! See Pitchfork, and here is the track list

01 What Reason Could I Give (Kim Hiorthøy remix)
02 Dream Baby Dream (Four Tet remix)
03 Accordion (Hortlax Cobra remix)
04 What Reason Could I Give (Carmen Villain remix)
05 Accordion (Jim O'Rourke remix)
06 Cashback (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas remix)
07 Sudden Moment (Merzbow remix)
08 Golden Heart (Nymph remix)
09 Dirt (Kurzmann remix)
10 Golden Heart (Poole Blount Legacy Dub) (Lasse Marhaug remix)

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