Sunday, September 9, 2012

Punkt Festival 2012 - Day 3

The Brian Eno curated Punkt 2012 is over, and here is my version of day number 3.

Both the live remixes and the festival seminars make Punkt a special festival, and Saturday´s seminar was among the best ever (during my three festivals, that is).

Jon Wozencroft (of Touch fame) (top photo) was the first speaker, and he did a presentation of the project "Landscape and Perception", that he is doing together with Paul Devereux. Let´s hear it for "archaeoacoustics", rocks and stones as instruments, sacred places, Stonehenge and more. Far out rock and roll? Check it out: right here.

Per Martinsen (Mental Overdrive) (second picture) told us about his DIY life, and the project "Earthbound - Surfing the apocalypse". A very funny PPT presentation too, yes it´s possible!
See if you get any wiser over at My Blurry Window.

Cathy Milliken spoke about her instrument, the oboe, and played absolutely beautiful music by Giacinto Scelsi, Bruno Maderna, Cathy Berberian and Milliken her self. All of it new to me, but I just might go back to check out this kind of music!

In the evening, some of us got a bit scared! The Australian (now living in Iceland) Ben Frost played so loud, that quite a few just had to leave the concert, and later on Guimba Kouyaté with band (Mali) (third picture) got lots of (Norwegian!) people dancing in the concert hall. An absolutely scary sight, and I´m not sure I will ever come back to Punkt again!

I have to admit that I met three persons who absolutely loved the Ben Frost concert, just to put the record straight.

I love Owen Pallett´s album "Heartland" (2010) and the live version of Pallett was just as great! Catchy tunes, great sound and beautiful lights. The way to pop!V
Owen Pallett´s concert was remixed by the Punkt family: Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Arve Henriksen and Eivind Aarset. Very nice indeed!

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