Monday, March 11, 2013

Borealis 2013 - The End

Just a very short short round up of the Borealis festival in Bergen. It has been a great festival, and quite good attended, even if the festival theme was "The End".

- The Swedish guitarist David Stackenäs played a graphic score as part of the Festival´s notation project.
- Felix Kubin did the presentation "Kassettentäter", on the cassette culture of the German underground. Perfect in a club close to midnight on a Saturday? Yes!
- Dave Tompkins did the talk "The Beat Who Cheated Death: Endless Low in Miami". This man loves his bass! How about "Bass semantics"? "Oh my guts!"? We were all discretely headbanging while listening. A bit more here.

- I have to admit I am not an expert in contemporary classical, but realize that it was a really big thing to have Vinko Globokar at the festival.

- The final concert was organized in cooperation with Bergen Jazz Forum, and let me tell you that Colin Stetson impressed a packed house! One of the more quiet pieces may be heard in the video below. Stenton or Stetson, who cares!

You will of course find more info on the festival site, if you want to.
More unfocused photos will end up on Flickr in a short while.

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