Sunday, March 17, 2013

Maja Ratkje and Kjetil Møster live in Bergen

Some glimpses from a great Saturday evening (16 March) at a newly renovated concert venue in Bergen (at USF Verftet).

- A great solo concert by Maja S.K. Ratkje. Both quiet and beautiful, and perfectly noisy. Proving that the new venue´s sound is close to perfect.

- BIT20 Ensemble: "Contr’addict – for improvising saxophonist, ensemble and pre-recorded modular synthesizer". Written by Kjetil Møster, going contemporary classical. Commissioned work. Møster delivering a hot solo in there too!

- Jørgen Træen and Frode Kvinge Flatland - Live electronics.

- Conductor Trond Madsen interviewed Maja Ratkje and Kjetil Møster during the break.

- And no photos from the BIT20 Ensemble playing Maja Ratkje´s "And sing while thou on pressed flowers dost sleep" (using samples of her voice), and a sound installation by Luc Ferrari.

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