Sunday, March 3, 2013

Annie Whitehead Group: O Caroline

I don´t know if Annie Whitehead Group are touring with their Robert Wyatt tribute "Soupsongs", but they sure played at Teatro Bonci di Cesena (Italy) 2 March.

According to a nice mail from Aldo Saporetti, they played a lot from "Rock Bottom" and "Shleep", and treasures like "Left on man" and "Vandalusia".


Sarah-Jane Morris and Cristina Donà (voc)
Annie Whitehead (trombone)
Brian Hopper (sax)
Mark Lockheart (sax)
Jennifer Maidman (g, voc)
Janette Mason (keyb)
Tim Harries (el-bass)
Liam Genockey (dr)

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