Sunday, March 10, 2013

Neneh Cherry & The Thing ''A Tribute to Don Cherry''

I have posted several clips from this one earlier in the blog, but here is the full "A Tribute to Don Cherry" concert with Neneh Cherry & The Thing, from Heineken Jazzaldia 2012!

Track list from YouTube:

1. Dream Baby Dream (A. Vega & M. Rev)
2. Golden Heart (D. Cherry)
3. Sudden Moment (M. Gustafsson)
4. Cashback (N. Cherry)
5. Dirt (J. Osterberg, R. Asheton, S. Asheton, D. Alexander)
6. Accordion (D. Dumile & O. Jackson)
7. Call the Police (S. McDee)
8. Wrap your Troubles in Dreams (H. Barris)

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