Tuesday, March 5, 2013


BBC Radio 4 just broadcasted a 30 min program on Clive Langer and Elvis Costello´s song "Shipbuilding", written for Robert Wyatt.
Listen here (available on the BBC Radio 4 site for how long??).

Robert Wyatt is not interviewed, but we hear from (among others) the composers, politicians, The Unthanks, and the philosopher Richard Ashcroft, on who BBC Radio 4 writes:

"Richard Ashcroft is a philosopher who wants the song, which he describes as a kind of secular hymn, played at his funeral because it gives a perfect expression of how he believes we should think about life. Not being able to feel the emotion of the song would, he feels, would be like being morally tone-deaf. If you don't like this song, he'd find it hard to be your friend".

Videos: Robert Wyatt, Elvis Costello and The Unthanks.

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