Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jessica Sligter: Man who scares me

Have a listen to Jessica Sligter and "Man who scares me" from Bee Sessions. The recording is probably quite new (no dates given), and the song may be found on Jessica Sligter´s second album on Hubro, "Fear and the framing" (2012).

From the same session you may also hear a song about our troublesome friends, the hormones.

Previously in this blog, we have given thumbs up for Jessica Sligter´s first album on Hubro, JÆ: "Balls and kittens, draught and strangling rain" (2011) and the band Sacred Harp: "Window´s a fall" (Trust Me 2011).

I own "Fear and the framing" on vinyl only, and must say I am a bit shocked, that I find it easier to forget albums that I don´t have on my Mac, pod or phone these days.
Once again: Please give us download codes when we buy vinyl.

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