Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Okkyung Lee: "Ghil" (Ideologic Organ 2013)

Are you game for some improvised noise cello? Alright!

Okkyung Lee recently released the album "Ghil" on Ideologic Organ (2013). The music was recorded on an old portable cassette player by Lasse Marhaug in Norway (Oslo, Nesodden and Rjukan) in 2012.

Let´s cite the record company: "..Marhaug wanted to record Ghil in an expressionistic way – to purposely use crude equipment and unorthodox microphone placement in order to give a more raw and direct depiction of Okkyung playing her music".
And yes, it is raw. Free improv, drone darkness (like in "Cheol-Kkot" and "Hollow Water") and (please don´t get mad!) cello playing that makes me think of Hendrix (listen to the opening of the SoundCloud track above). It´s tough enough.

This is not background music at, but is benefiting from some focused listening. I tried listening on the bus one day, surrounded by noisy passengers. Not good for my blood pressure at all!

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