Monday, July 1, 2013

Soft Machine live 1969 at Actual Music Festival

If you are interested, follow the links to The Witchwood Records or YouTube for some bootleg material from Soft Machine´s concert at Actuel Music Festival, Amougies, Belgium (28 October 1969).
And just for the record: I have (of course) not uploaded any bootlegs, even if my photo of Snurre´s Wyatt stencil is on the "video" on YouTube.

According to Graham Bennet´s "Soft Machine Out-Bloody-Rageous" (SAF 2005) this was the Soft Machine crew at the festival: Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper, Mark Charig, Lyn Dobson, Elton Dean and Nick Evans.

A 75 min long film called "Amougies Music Power" was made during the festival, and it both opens with ("Moon in June") and ends with ("Hibou Anemone and Bear") Soft Machine.

I found the poster on the Luiz Woodstock blog, and if you wonder why it says Paris on the poster, the festival was moved to Belgium on short notice!

Michael King adds this very important(??) info in "Wrong Movements. A Robert Wyatt History" (SAF 1994) : "For this performance, the microphone line for Robert´s snare drum was fed through an Echoplex". Yes!

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