Friday, July 12, 2013

The Wilde Flowers LP

It seems like it is still possible to get the original Canterbury band Wilde Flowers in a physical format.

I visited the great record store Big Dipper in Oslo last week, and picked up a copy of the album "The Wilde Flowers" (Vinyl Lovers 2009).
Here you can hear people like Robert Wyatt, Hugh Hopper, Brian Hopper, Richard Sinclair, Graham Flight, Pye Hastings, Mike Ratledge and Richard Coughlan play Booker T and Chuck Berry tunes, and a lot of self made songs in 60s style, most of them composed by Hugh Hopper and Brian Hopper.

Kevin Ayers is on three tracks.

Here is an earlier blog post on Wilde Flowers, and if you compare the LP with the CD versions (Voiceprint 1994) containing this same material, you will find that the vinyl edition lack one version of "Impotence" (H. Hopper/R. Wyatt) and two versions (one instrumental) of "Memories" (H. Hopper).

See who play what, where on Discogs, with links to the CDs too.

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