Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday at Moldejazz

Some great music being played in Molde these days, in between (and during) showers of rain!

Tuesday I heard Tim Berne´s Snakeoil play in the early afternoon. Tim Berne (alto), Oscar Noriega (clarinets), Matt Michell (piano) and Ches Smith (dr, perc) did a fantastic concert, partly strictly composed, partly great solos. One extra star to Noriega this time.

The ECM release "Snakeoil" (2012) is still hot!

Around midnight Stian Westerhus & Pale Horses entered the stage! I was a bit shocked when Westerhus started singing (!), but it all worked out fine!

The trio might be new, but the musicians are well known, with Øystein Moen on keyboards and Erland Dahlen drums.

Great music (please note, some people claim that this must be good stuff for Sigurd Ros fans), and fantastic lights during the concert.

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