Friday, July 26, 2013

Tracey Thorn: Bedsit Disco Queen

I didn´t get a chance to read all the books I planned for this summer (of course!), but before the travelling started I managed to finish Tracey Thorn´s biography "Bedsit Disco Queen" (Virago 2013).

This is a really fine book about being young and finding music, getting a career and later matching the career with other important events in life.

You probably know: Marine Girls (1980 - 1983), the solo album "A distant shore" (1982), Everything But The Girl (1982 - 2000) with Ben Watt and projects with among others Massive Attack. And if you don´t know, you will probably like the book anyway. You get song lyrics too.

Lavinia Greenlaw may be telling you how good the book is, in a better way than me.

The biography stops in 2007, and the only solo album mentioned after "Distant Shore", is "Out of the woods" (2007). How typical then, that I choose the beautiful but sad "Singles bar", from "Love and its oposite" (2010), to end this blog post!

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