Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jon Christensen 70-Year Anniversary Concert

Saturday I visited Kongsberg Jazz Festival for the first time, and attended drummer veteran John Christensen´s 70-year anniversary concert (Norwegian link).

Kongsberg Jazz Festival asked Christensen to pick the musicians he wanted to work with, and he let his vocalist daughter Emilie Stoesen Christensen have an important role. Almost half of the concert was her music and lyrics.

It turned out to be a really nice concert, no fireworks or big gestures, only very fine music. And John Christensen, he was as usual mostly hidden behind his cymbals, not speaking one word.
Finally he had to walk to the front of the stage to receive two rounds of standing ovation. Cool guy!

The band:

Jon Christensen – drums
Emilie Stoesen Christensen – vocal
Arild Andersen – bass
Tore Brunborg – saxophone
Bugge Wesseltoft – piano.

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