Friday, January 15, 2010

All Ears 2010 (1)

All Ears 2010 is happening in Oslo, and on Thursday evening we were served a mixed dish indeed.
Projecting Surface (picture) started the festival in a relaxing way. The band is Tony Dryer/Jacob F. Heule (Basshaters) and Kyrre Laastad/Håvard Volden (Dallas Wallpaper). Quiet and meditative impro, could be a fitting description, and quite nice atually.
Polish Anna Zaradny was the only one giving the ears a shock this night, with her computer and brutal sound. Too tough for me, while others rushed to the record sellers to buy her music. Just the way it should be!
If Projecting Surface were quiet, Lucio Capece and Werner Dafeldecker were hard to hear at all, after Zaradny´s noise sculpture.Pretty strange stuff. This was the second time Capece and Dafeldecker performed as a duo.
Note to self: Bring both ear plugs and hearing aid when visiting All Ears.
And then it was party time with Han Bennink and Frode Gjerstad in great shape. Gjerstad on clarinet a lot of the time, and Bennink on drums, shoes, floor and teeth as usual. Amazing (again)!

Four concerts, and finishing just after midnight is well done, but the venue was freezing cold.

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