Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Festival Season 2010 - The Beginning

A new year and a new Norwegian festival season is on! Next week All Ears is happening, serving ear warming impro and noise music in snowy Oslo, and towards the end of January Geilo is the place, with it´s ice festival. At Geilo Terje Isungset will present his new album "Wintersongs".
There might be even more winter festivals, but here I´ll jump to Bergen and the Borealis festival in March. Later this month there will be Borealis satelite events in London, starting with Geir Jenssen´s controversial "Schhoktavoski" (commisioned for the 2009 Borealis festival) 23 January and a Borealis London Launch 25 January starring (among others) MoHa!.
This is (as you all appreciate) a non commercial blog, but today I´ll illustrate this post with two versions of Michel Gondry´s fantastic commercial for Levi´s (1995), with it´s soundtrack by Biosphere (Geir Jenssen).

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