Friday, January 29, 2010

Paper of pins

How about a laid back electronica-jazz album with your drink (or tea if you prefer)? Bill Wells / Annie Whitehead / Stefan Schneider / Barbara Morgenstern´s "Paper of pins" (Karaoke Kalk 2009) surfaced autumn 2009. The trombone player Annie Whitehead and electronica artist Barbara Morgenstern are people I know from the Robert Wyatt discography, but I could not place Bill Wells (he has played with Lol Coxhill and Kevin Ayers) and Stefan Schneider.
Imagine something with a dash of Carla Bley (when she is relaxed) and a teaspoon of Penguin Cafe Orchestra ( Whitehead played there), then you might be close to the flavor here. And don´t you worry, if you don´t like it. The record clocks in at less than 30 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

ah , this sounds interesting. bill wells is unknown to me, too. but stefan schneider is from the german ''electronic'' band kreidler, which i can recommend, too. many greetings and thanks for this info, andreas