Saturday, January 16, 2010

All Ears 2010 (2)

On the second day of the All Ears festival the boys in Basshaters (Tony Dryer and Jacob F. Heule) proved they could make some more noise than in Projecting Surface (see day one), but the highlight of the evening was next artists out, Stine Janvin Motland (vocals), Dag Magnus Narvesen (drums) and a smiling (and quite impressed?) Johannes Bauer on trombone. What a great trio! (Check out for some videos on YouTube later).
I met a shocked Bauer during Robert Piotrowicz´s (picture) concert. We were both hiding just outside the concert area. I was afraid my heartbeat was going to change into the wrong rythm. So far this year, the Polish artists have made the real noise (see Anna Zaradny day 1).
Last pair out was Stian Westerhus and Zach Hill with their brutal rock & noise.

Puh, just a couple of hours and I´m off again for more. I´m hoping for some country or americana tonight, but I might be disappointed there.

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