Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Ears vorspiel

UTMARK (in Norwegian) had a mini All Ears festival Tuesday night.
First we got Han Bennink & Frode Gjerstad with a fine free jazz set (no accidents this time). They were followed by C. Spencer Yeah doing noise music on violin, and also using the microphones as instruments, and then Zach Hill and Stian Westerhus finished the evening with some heavy powernoise. That duo is tough enough, and OK, Zach Hill is the must-hear-drummer people tried to tell me he was.
I had to run for the last bus, and lost half the Hill/Westerhus set, but all of these artists are playing at All Ears in Oslo this weekend. See you there?
Svennejanson uploaded some dark videos with abrupt endings on YouTube, but if you dig high quality filming and magnificent sound quality, you just might want to watch something else?

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