Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pocket Corner

I was a bit lightheaded after new years eve, and started a series on personal black holes in music (with Jazzmob), and even promised myself not to check everybody else´s best of 2009 lists, and buy too many records again. But you know promises. Over at blogger Steinskog (Norwegian) I found Didrik Ingvaldsen Pocket Corner: "4010 Local Time" (Checkpoint Charlie Audio Production 2009).
Didrik Ingvaldsen and Pocket Corner are new to me, but the band started in 1986, and Ingvaldsen has been a long time part of the Stavanger jazz scene. Today the band is Didrik Ingvaldsen - trumpet, Glenn B. Henriksen - alto-sax, Vidar Schanke - guitar, Mikaell Olsson - double bass and Ståle Birkeland - drums.
Reviewers claim this is music in the land of Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry, and that might be so. I just say it´s good jazz music, and you may download from eMusic and iTunes (quite cheap in Norway at least).

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