Monday, January 18, 2010

All Ears 2010 (4)

All Ears 2010 is over, after the last concerts were held at the Henie Onstad Art Center Sunday afternoon.
First one out this day was Paul Lytton (picture), doing a 45 minutes long set on his 130 kilos drum set ! Strange stuff, and very fascinating. I really wanted to see Lytton´s hands as he was working, but he was partly hidden behind his equipment most of the time. This might be just the way he wants it to be of course, but a video projection on the wall behind him would have been cool!
Next one out was John Tilbury giving us a very relaxing and beautiful improvisation on grand piano. He had to cheat with notes inside the instrument, telling him what notes NOT to play.
According to a message on the door, some of this might end up on a record too.

More of my pictures from All Ears here, and check out Tarje´s too (he´s cheating, using a better camera).
Svennejanson uploaded some videos here (and some of them quite lousy too, not being the fault of the musicians).

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