Monday, January 4, 2010


Sometimes (or pretty often) I get a bit upset when I realize I have missed out completely on some bands or artists. Why on earth have I never listened to Jazzmob until now?
After reading an interview with Jon Klette (Crimetime Orchestra) in the latest Jazznytt (Norwegian jazz magazine, no 6, 2009), I got my hands on "Infernal Machine" (Jazzaway 2006) and "Flashback" (Jazzaway 2008). Both of them are great albums, with what everyone seem to call hard swinging jazz, and that describes the music well. It smells good of Coltrane and Miles, and a reviewer in AAJ even find some Soft Machine here, but most of all it´s Jazzmob. Choose "Flash" if you want only one, it´s an energetic live album.
There are two more Jazzmob albums on Jazzaway: "The Truth" (2005) and "Pathfinder" (2003).

The band members are: Kåre Nymark (tp), Jon Klette (as), Gisle Johansen (ts), Anders Aarum (keyb), Per Zanussi (b) and Andreas Bye (dr).

I already run a classics series in the blog, and this may just be the start of a series on my black holes in music.

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