Monday, January 11, 2010

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

And then the film about Ian Dury ("Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll") is in the cinemas (some places at least). Dave Matcross is director and Andy "Gollum" Serkis is Ian Dury . Read The Guardian and BBC for some more on the movie.
I don´t think I ever owned "New boots and panties" (until recently), but must have heard it hundred of times in the late 70s. I heard the band at Hammersmith Odeon too in 1978, but where the hell is my Kilburn & The Highroads 12"?

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Yves said...

Ian Dury was an actor, too. I've seen him in "Brennende Betten" (burnig beds) in the late 80s, he was so funny playing a pyromaniac.