Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Deaf Center: Owl Splinters (2011)

This is so beautiful, so dark and so sad that it is hard to believe.
The Norwegian duo Deaf Center, Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland, are at it again, with a great album called "Owl Splinters" on Type. This could have been the soundtrack to a dark movie (or life?),  where we get lighter moments of melancholia when Totland´s piano is in the lead ("Time Spent", "Fiction Dawn" and the ending of "Hunted Twice"), but to be honest it is pretty gloomy!

People seem to think that the sound is better, than on the previous albums on the same company, "Neon City" and "Pale Ravine", but my ears where happy with both of them too. Visit Type, they stream all the albums, or buy them right away from iTunes, emusic or Boomkat.

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