Thursday, March 24, 2011


Icemusic by Terje Isungset from Sven-Erling Brusletto on Vimeo.

IceMusic Festival 2011 from flextatowa on Vimeo.

Hey, I´m so ready for spring, but the weather does not seem to agree here on the west coast of Norway. So i give in, and here is some more ice music for you.
First a video with Terje Isungset and Lena Nymark (I believe!) from the opening of the Nansen/Amundsen-year in Tromsø, January 2011, and a stop-motion video from the Ice Music Festival at Geilo this winter.

Isungset is being interviewed in Norwegian, explaining among other things how difficult it is to know how the ice will sound.  Old ice is sounding different from new ice, and the sound at the beginning of the concert may be different from the sound check.
He also says that he is preparing for the seventh and last ice album, where he will play on instruments made by ice from areas where the ice is melting due to rising temperatures. That´s environmental music for you!

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