Saturday, March 5, 2011

Light painting WiFi

I first found this video on Espen Sommer Eide´s site "Eyes on your instruments", and let me just tell you that I am not going to even try to explain what these guys are doing, except that they do some "Light painting WiFi"! It looks so cool that it could have been taken straight out of a William Gibson novel (Norwegians may read my old (and a bit confused) blog post on "Spook country", where Gibson describes "locative art", using GPS and WiFi and stuff).

Read  more over at Touch , and please note that the music is by Phonophani .


Claudia Templeton said...

great video thanks, interesting translation of the Norwegian bit about Spook Country with Babylon online translation, it nearly makes sense!

Svenn said...

Sounds fantastic, I guess the blog post barely makes sense in Norwegian :-)