Monday, March 7, 2011


Ivor Cutler Trio´s "Ludo" has been reissued on CD (Rev-Ola 2010). "Ludo" was originally released in 1967, and this new version seems to be exactly like the previous CD version from 2002.
Cutler normally recorded as a solo artist (vocal, harmonium), but is here joined by Trevor Tomkins (perc) and Gill Lyons (b). If you buy the album you will find witty tunes like "Good morning! How are you? Shut up!", a story about how difficult it may be to buy a balloon ("The shapely balloon"), and quite a lot of other strange stuff. All this in just half an hour.
If you have not heard Ivor Cutler yet (there just might be a couple of readers who haven´t!), consider yourselves lucky, because you have a lot of great music to discover. Why don´t you start with this one, and then get the rest of Mr. Cutler´s records and books?

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