Thursday, December 28, 2017

Galen Ayers and Kevin Ayers - "Girl on a Swing"

A sweet version of "Girl on a swing" performed by Galen Ayers and her father Kevin Ayers.

"This was the last song ever recorded by Kevin Ayers.

The recording originally appeared on the 2010 album '1969: Key to Change' as a part of Centrepoint's 40th anniversary initiative.

Centrepoint is an incredible charity that works to tackle homelessness amongst young people. A portion of each album download was donated to Centrepoint.

Turns out this version of the song is not currently on the streaming services or in the download stores. So, next month I plan to make it available for streaming and download with all the earnings of this record going to Centrepoint - a charity for the homeless. Stay tuned!"

Check YouTube.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Sao Paulo Tapes

Monica Vasconcelos: "The Sao Paulo Tapes. Brazilian Resistance Songs" (Movas 2017) is finally in the house. This crowdfunded release has been mentioned several times in the blog, since it is produced by Robert Wyatt.

The oldest song is from 1966 and the newest from 1981, and all are sung by Monica Vasconcelos.

I don´t understand the lyrics here (except for the one in English), but the liner notes are good, and the beautiful singing and melodies works anyway!

I got my copy from Amazon, but you may get it over at Monica Vasconcelos´ site too.

Musicians: Ife Tolentino (g), Liam Noble (p), Andres Lafone (b), Yaron Stavi (b) and Marius Rodrigues (dr).

And after Alessandro´s comment even I may try to understand:

"If you don't understand the lyrics, you can find them all translated into English here:"

Sunday, December 17, 2017

WOMEN of the World

Check out Tara Jane Oneil´s new single "Believe" with Ivor Cutler´s "WOMEN of the World" as the b-side.

"This digital single is also a very limited lathe cut edition of 75.
PIAPTK has copies available of the hand cut records with hand painted covers by TJO".

Friday, December 1, 2017


Stole this photo from @laamb4 on Twitter.

See About NHS, #VoteNHS and #ourNHS on Twitter.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Streaming ECM

Like it or not, but music streaming is here.

Even ECM records are now available on Spotify and other services!

If you don´t own them already, you may now check out the Michael Mantler albums with Robert Wyatt on them too (ECM and Watt labels).

- "The Hapless Child" (Watt 1976) with words by Edvard Gorey.

- "Silence" (Watt 1977) with words by Harold Pinter.
(Catalogued as Various Artists: "No answer / Silence" on Spotify)

- "Many Have No Speech" (Watt 1988) (words by Beckett, Meister, Soupault)
(Also as Various Artists on Spotify)

-"The School of Understanding" (ECM 1997)

- "Hide and Seek" (ECM 2001) with words by Paul Auster.

More info as always on "Une Discographie De Robert Wyatt"!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge “Chat”

Dave Larder is chatting with Robert Wyatt and Alfie for the Lincolnshire Art and Music Bulletin.

Unfortunately I am not able to embed it here, so run on over to SoundCloud for a listen.

Dave Larder says: This is not really an interview, it’s more of a chat mainly because (1) Robert can talk for hours and (2) I don’t claim to be any sort of interviewer. Also, due to my technical inability, the songs that we talk about are not chronologically linked throughout the talking. Instead, I have published a play list – and listeners can choose how and when they listen to the songs.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Phil Miller

Phil Miller (Matching Mole, Hatfield and the North, National Health etc) died 18 October 2017. R.I.P.

Here is Sid Smith´s tribute from the yellow room (tracklist here).

Late Junction: Robert Wyatt

Will you please hurry up! Only 22 days left to listen!

BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Verity Sharp at home with Robert Wyatt.

"Over the course of an hour and a half he looks back on the last 50 years of his life as an artist and an avid music collector, picking out selections dear to his heart - from his love of British tenor Peter Pears to his fanaticism for early jazz singers and Ivor Cutler's absurdism. Verity also brings some of her own choices, sparking discussions around British surrealism, his dislike of the 'wobbly singers' of opera, his undying love for life partner Alfie and a frank conversation about his battle with depression, before giving us a quick piano lesson to boot. An intimate portrait of a truly British voice with a love of the absurd and an ear for the unusual".

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Robert Wyatt Construction Kit

Check out John O´Rourke´s Robert Wyatt Construction Kit!
Photo stolen from the site.

It´s made by oak, and here is some info from O´Rourke: "There are three buildings inside of his cranium and Robert has placed something within one of them. I've no idea what it is, nor will it ever be revealed. The beard is currently in progress and then I have his hair to add. All of the holes will be plugged with cross grained oak, to fully match the components. Following that there will be further forms to create below his head, mainly architectural but with Romanesque influences: I love the Lewis Chessmen and without mimicking them in any way, there will be an indirect allusion to their form".

More to come on the Construction Kit blog I guess.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Ivor Cutler on Jimmy Fallon´s Do Not Play list

It´s really hard to watch Jimmy Fallon and his folks laughing at Ivor Cutler, showing his "A Flat Man" LP and playing "Jam" (even if they kind of say they like it too in there?).

Starting at 2:10 if you can take it.

Ivor Cutler is on all my play lists!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

FOMO, Mofos!

A solo performance by Mary Pearson called "FOMO, Mofos!" (Fear of missing out, motherfuckers!) is touring UK in October.

"FOMO, mofos! is a dreamlike reflection on the consequences of hyper-connectivity and continuous self-exposure. Passing through cult classic films Blow-up and Mullholland Drive and the songs of Robert Wyatt, Kraftwerk and John Lennon, it explores vigilance, rootlessness, and the human animal's desire to conquer time and space".

More info here, and here is a Facebook Event (where I stole the photo).

Hoping for some footage or a list of the Robert Wyatt songs being used.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Weyes Blood

Check out Weyes Blood’s fine cover of Soft Machine´s "A Certain Kind" on the 7" "A Certain Kind" b/w "Everybody’s Talkin’" (Mexican Summer 2017, ltd. ed. 500 copies).

You may listen and buy over here on Bandcamp.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Canterbury Festival

A Canterbury Festival is happening at Augustine Hall Saturday 28 October 2017.

"The Daytime programme will include discussions with artists, cultural intermediates, and academics such as Professor Andy Bennett (Griffith University, Australia), Geoffrey Richardson (Caravan), Aymeric Leroy (Calyx/author of the book The Canterbury Sound), Brian Hopper (The Wilde Flowers, The Soup Songs), Phil Howitt (founder of Facelift magazine), Matt Watkins (Canterbury Sans Frontiers), Alan Payne and Professor Murray Smith (University of Kent), and hosts Professor Shane Blackman (Canterbury Christ Church) and Dr Asya Draganova (Birmingham City University). During the day, we will have performances by outstanding Canterbury artists Jack Hues and the Quartet and Koloto.

The Evening programme will present two key bands (SoupSongs and Lapis Lazuli), which articulate different aspects and eras of the aesthetic development of the ‘Canterbury Sound’:

The Soup Songs are a unique band assembled with the support and participation of Robert Wyatt, founding figure of the ‘Canterbury Sound’. A group of incredible musicians, led by trombonist Annie Whitehead, the band specialises in performing Wyatt's work with all its nuances and complexities for modern audiences. They return to Canterbury following last year's exceptional performance at University of Kent’s In Conversation with Robert Wyatt". (Facebook Event).

Sunday, September 3, 2017

September Song

Well it´s that time of the year again, so please have a listen to Pascal Comelade and Robert Wyatt´s beautiful version of "September Song" (Anderson/Will).
It´s on the record "September Song" (Disques Du Soleil Et De L´acier/Delabel 2000), on which you will also find a cover of "Signed Curtain".

It´s on Spotify, but if you don´t have access have a listen on YouTube.

On the cover of the CD is a picture of "Marx Merry Makers", a musical toy by Louis Marx (1911).

In 2016 Because Music released a 6 CD sampler with Pascal Comelade called "Rocanrolorama 1974-2016" (2016). Take a look at the track list on our favourite Wyatt discograpy - Une Discographie De Robert Wyatt - for more interesting material.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Soft Machine - Esther's Nosejob

Info from YouTube: "Soft Machine running Esther's Nosejob at Ronnie Scott's on April 25th, 1969. Broadcast on Forum Musiques a month later".

The band:
Mike Ratledge - Organ
Hugh Hopper - Bass
Robert Wyatt - Drums, vocals

Pretty cool, heh?

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Riddle in the Middle of Nowhere

See Pop Matters for a fine piece on Anja Garbarek's "Smiling and Waving" (Virgin 2001) ("The Riddle in the Middle of Nowhere" 10 August 2017).

Listen to the beautiful song "The Diver" with Robert Wyatt over here if you don´t have it in any format.

Later Robert did a cover of "Stay Tuned" from "Smiling and Waving" on the "Comicopera" album in 2007.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Odeia: Alifib

Check out Odeia´s fine cover of Robert Wyatt´s "Alifib"!
It will appear on their new album scheduled for 2018 release.

Odeia: Elsa Birgé (voc), Lucien Alfonso (violin), Karsten Hochapfel (g) and Pierre-Yves Le Jeune (b).

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Philippe Gonin: Robert Wyatt Rock Bottom

A new book in French is out: Philippe Gonin "Robert Wyatt Rock Bottom" (Densité 2017).

Some of us may have to start brushing up our French!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

John Greaves Solo Concert (23 June 2017)

A full solo John Greaves concert here (Le Triton 23 June 2017)!

If you for some reason don´t want to watch all of it, jump in at around 59 min. and check out the beautiful version of "God Song" by Phil Miller and Robert Wyatt.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Enjoy The Risk

In December 2010 we had a post on a Swedish book and CD called "Keep Yourself Alive. Den galna jakten på 70-tallets rockjältar" by Petter Karlsson and Sören "Sulo" Karlsson (Lind & Co 2012).

On the CD Sulo plays old hits with several of the artists interviewed. Robert Wyatt instead asked Sulo to write some lyrics to the title "Enjoy the risk", and he would play the piano.

I don´t know if it´s still possible to buy the book or find the music, but "Enjoy the risk" is on YouTube if you would like to listen.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Vic Chesnutt - Robert Wyatt

On a Vic Chesnutt bootleg, recorded live at 40 Watt Club (Athens, GA) on 2008-03-01, there is a track called "Robert Wyatt".

A sad song (but gaining some laughs from the audience) and Wyatt is just mentioned in connection with jumping/falling out of windows.

I didn´t know about this one until I saw it on YouTube.

Not that we support bootlegs, but you will find more info and a track list right over here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Robert Wyatt portraits

Jayne Cooper is artist in residence at the Zero Degrees Festival 2017 in Louth.

She is showcasing recent portraits of Robert Wyatt. Check one of them right here.

Exhibition open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday until 15th July.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Fabiola Simac & Humus "Sea Song"

A version of Robert Wyatt´s "Sea Song" by Fabiola Simac (vocals) and Jorge Beltrán(guitars and percussion).

And that´s all I know!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Nina Persson and Martin Hederos: Free Will and Testament

Nina Persson (The Cardigans) and Martin Hederos (The Soundtrack of Our Lives) do "Free Will and Testament" (Robert Wyatt/Kramer) at Bremen, Copenhagen, May 2017.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hugh Hopper Interview

HUGH HOPPER INTERVIEW from Mark Hewins on Vimeo.

Found this Hugh Hopper interview on Mark Hewins´ Vimeo. It does not say when it was done.

"I asked Hugh about his methodology, concepts and process in regards to tape looping in the early 1960's.

We especially prepared the Music on magnetic tape for this film, which Hugh starts at the beginning; it plays constantly underneath the dialogue.
(Mark Hewins, Processed Synth Guitar - Hugh Hopper, Bass/Fuzz Bass)".

London Bossa

london-bossa-20 from dottv productions on Vimeo.

I recently got a message (thanks Jan) telling me that the "London Bossa" DVD (2014) with Monica Vasconcelos & London Bossa Collective includes a documentary where Robert Wyatt and Monica Vasconcelos "are chatting and sitting at the piano together".

Friday, May 12, 2017

Paul Weller: A Kind Revolution

Paul Weller´s new album "A Kind Revolution" (Parlaphone 2017) is out today.

Four physical versions available: Vinyl, CD, DeLuxe 3CD Set and Deluxe 10” Vinyl Box Set.

Robert Wyatt is on the track "She Moves with the Fayre". So far I have been enjoying it on Spotify.

Graham Fellows - Radio Shuttleworth (2000)

Will you please listen to Graham Fellows´ - Radio Shuttleworth (2000)!

Follow the link at the bottom of the blogpost on "Rocket Remnants".

Robert Wyatt performs "Soup Song" and "Signed Curtain" - and laughs.

Brilliant! Thanks for the tip Chris!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Getting Ready for a Swim

Check out Amy Hill & Cameron Newell´s new record "Getting Ready for a Swim" (2017).

On the track "Interlude" you can hear Ivor Cutler talking.

Quite touching to hear him with that beautiful music.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ex Norwegian - Signed Curtain

Check out Ex Norwegian covering Matching Mole´s "Signed Curtain"!

I know nothing about Ex Norwegian (hey, I´m only Norwegian) but they have a web site and a BandCamp site for you to study.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fi - Hi Podcast Ep 35 : Justin Trosper on Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom.

Follow link (unable to embed here) for Fidelity High podcast with Justin Trosper, frontman and founding member of the post-hardcore band Unwound, on Robert Wyatt and "Rock Bottom".

Originally aired during Fidelity High Radio on WXNA 101.5 FM Nashville - Sunday, April 16, 2017.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Matt Hulse, Ivor Cutler and Beautiful Cosmos

Matt Hulse, Ivor Cutler and Beautiful Cosmos from Matt Hulse on Vimeo.

"On Saturday March 26th 2016 Matt Hulse led an audience at the Beijing Bookworm Literary Festival in a live hum-a-long rendition of Ivor Cutler's 'Beautiful Cosmos'. This was part of an event called 'Whisky & Writers' curated by Anthony Tao" (Vimeo).

Hobo Plays Robert Wyatt

This is happening tomorrow (4 April 2017): HOBO plays Robert Wyatt.

Eloisa Manera: violin, vocals
Massimo Giuntoli: keyboards, vocals.

They also played this in September 2016. Hoping for some footage!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Miku Hatsune "O Caroline"

I must admit I´m not absolutely sure about this one, but I found it via Twitter today (@CCCharlieCCC), so here is"Vocaloid" Miku Hatsune with Matching Moles' "O Caroline".

The São Paulo Tapes

We have had a couple of posts earlier on Monica Vasconcelos and Robert Wyatt´s crowdfunded project "The São Paulo Tapes - Brazilian resistance songs", and now it seems to be out!

I will add more info when I find it. Where to order etc.

ThankYou_TSPTapes from Mônica on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Loïs Le Van: Alifib

Check out Loïs Le Van´s album "So much more" (Hevhetia 2016) on Bandcamp.

Track no. 5 is a fine version of Robert Wyatt´s "Alifib".

Loïs Le Van : voice
Sylvain Rifflet : tenor saxophone, clarinet
Bruno Ruder : piano
Chris Jennings : bass

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fix it, Leroy!

Hey, this seems like an interesting publication and happening!

"VOX Press will host a release party to celebrate the publication of Fix It, Leroy! Adventures in Misfit Music by local author David Shirley on Tuesday, February 28. The event, which is open to the public, will be held at High Point Coffee on the and will begin at 6 pm.

Shirley will read a brief selection from the book, which features interviews with and articles about a variety of offbeat, under-appreciated musicians, including Laurie Anderson, Pere Ubu, Robert Wyatt, The Fugs, Faust, Wadada Leo Smith, Arto Lindsay, Kristin Hersh, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bill Fay, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Vashti Bunyan and 20 other brilliantly gifted but commercially neglected performers".

The Yodeling Anarcho-Syndicalists will perform songs by Robert Wyatt and others!

Added June 2017:

The article on Robert Wyatt, "After the fall: Robert Wyatt´s Dondestan (Revisisted)", appeared in Sound Collector Audio Review, Number 4, Winter/2003-2004.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bob Stanley And Pete Wiggs Present English Weather

Matching Mole´s "O Caroline" is one of the tracks on "Bob Stanley And Pete Wiggs Present English Weather" (Ace 2013).

"The autumnal sound of Britain at the turn of the 70s, looking out through wet window panes to a new decade with a mixture of melancholy and optimism for what might come next. With the Beatles gone and the pound sinking, a new and distinctive sound emerges, led by flutes and mellotrons. Available in 18-track CD and 19-track double LP formats. The LP version is pressed on 180g vinyl in heavy-duty gatefold sleeve".

Also present: John Cale, Caravan, Camel, Daevid Allen etc etc.

Slapp Happy with Faust

Cafe Oto (London) Friday 10 and 11 February: Slapp Happy with Faust Two Day Residency!

Today´s soundtrack: Slapp Happy, Henry Cow, Robert Wyatt - Peel Radio session "Europa".

unePassante: Seasonal Beast (2017)

Florence-based band unePassante´s new album is called "Seasonal Beast" (chick Paguro 2017) and it´s name is of course taken from Robert Wyatt´s "Sea Song".

The Florentine chats with Giulia Sarno over here.

"MD: Tell us a bit about the title, 
“Seasonal Beast”, and the disarming cover image.
GS: The album’s title is borrowed from a verse of Robert Wyatt's “Sea Song”. These words evoke an ever-changing emotional state with which I identify very much. As for the cover, I found myself immediately moved by this animal’s reciprocating glance. I try to steer clear from iconographic binging because I believe in the importance of maintaining clarity of vision. This is the reason why I don't use Instagram or other image-based networks."

Off The Page Bergen 2017

Off The Page is a music festival without music (spotlights on the conversations) usually held in Oslo. It is a cooperation between the organization nyMusikk ("newNusic") (Norway) and The Wire, and this year they came to Bergen! For the 2017 programme click right here.

27 - 28 January there were great talks, music market and film screenings.

One of the films was the BBC documentary "Free Will And Testament: The Robert Wyatt Story" (2003). You may watch an extract over at Vimeo (I was not allowed to embed it here).

In 2015 Marcus O´Dair presented his Wyatt biography "Different Every Time" at the same festival (in Oslo), so perhaps we have a Robert Wyatt tradition in the making here?

The photos are from Rob Young´s presentation "LP Sleeve as a Form of Theatre" and his talk with Stephen O´Malley ("Musical epiphanies").

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Robert Wyatt Mix

Columbus Music Magazine asked their readers for their favorite Robert Wyatt songs, and made a birthday mix for his 72nd birthday (28 January).

For tracklist go to Mixcloud

Friday, January 20, 2017

Slightly Imperfect

I just found some pretty nice videos from a concert by a band called Slightly Imperfect where they do Ivor Cutler Songs. See more on YouTube.

Slightly Imperfect is: Greg Malcolm, Reuben Derrick, Ari Freeman, Jenny Ward and Joesph McCallum.

Malcolm is calling Ivor Cutler´s music "..maybe a sort of milky-tea psychedelica".

More Cutler to the world!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Phil Manzanera - Corroncho 2

Phil Manzanera will celebrate his 66th birthday on 31 January by releasing his new album "Corroncho 2" (Expression Records).

Read more over here! "Guests performing on Corroncho 2 are Enrique Bunbury, Andrea Echeverri, Humberto Pernett, Robert Wyatt, Gilad Atzmon, Chucho Merchan, Pico Azpiri, Jorje Villamizar and Laora".

Monday, January 2, 2017

Paul Weller - A Kind Revolution

Robert Wyatt sings and plays trumpet on the track "She moves with the fair" on Paul Weller´s forthcoming album "A kind revolution" out this spring.

See Paul Weller News for more info.