Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Max Andrzejewski's Hütte and guests play the music of Robert Wyatt

Max Andrzejewski's Hütte and guests play the music of Robert Wyatt at Leipziger Jazztage in October!

The band: Max Andrzejewski (Schlagzeug, Arrangements, Stimme), Johannes Schleiermacher (Saxophon, Synthesizer), Tobias Hoffmann (Gitarre), Andreas Lang (Kontrabass), Jörg Hochapfel (Keyboards, Gitarre) und Cansu Tanrikulu (Stimme).

This is a commissioned work that will be recorded by Radio Berlin Brandenburg and released in 2019 according to the video.

Janek Schaefer "What Light There Is...."

Janek Schaefer

Janek Schaefer´s new Robert Wyatt inspired album "What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing" will be out October 26 2018 (Temporary Residence).

"In 2014, Schaefer was commissioned by the Sounds New Festival in Canterbury, England to craft a new, original piece of music made entirely of elements from Robert Wyatt’s Cuckooland album. Originally designed and presented at the festival as an immersive, multi-channel radio installation, the 21-minute cloud of sound was a sublime meditation on the profundity of Wyatt’s work, and its transporting idiosyncrasies. With Wyatt’s blessing, Schaefer adapted that piece into the side-long opus, “What light there is tells us nothing,” and complimented it with seven new, original compositions that not only exist in the same wondrous space, but echo its playfully poignant resonance well after the album has ended."

Another blog post on Schaefer and Wyatt right over here.

(Photo from a concert at Lydgalleriet in Bergen (Norway) 2009).

Monday, August 27, 2018

To Canterbury and Beyond (A tribute to Canterbury Scene)

The sampler "To Canterbury and Beyond (A tribute to Canterbury Scene)" (Mellow Records) was released in 1999.

Now it seems to be re-released, so you may check it out and listen here on BandCamp.

The Track List:

CD 1
1. ZOO LUNAIRE (Italy) ? The Isle of Everywhere (7:54)
2. CHAMELEON (Sweden) - Crumble / Didn't Matter Anyway (9:42)
3. PHIL MERCY (UK) ? The Bryden 2-Step (for Amphibians) (10:05)
4. ARBOGAST (Italy) ? Ride (7:09)
5. MARCO MASONI (Italy) ? Radio Gnome Invisible (6:13)
6. ATRICK FORGAS (France) - Ethec Naturel (6:44)
7. HOSTSONATEN (Italy) ? Sea Song (4:21)
8. ASHQELON QUILT (Israel) ? Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening (2:43)
9. SYNTHETIC BLOCK (USA) ? The Soft Weed Factor (8:04)
10. DAVID BAGSBY (USA) ? Hell's Bells (5:55)
11. NOTTURNO CONCERTANTE (Italy) ? Hello Hello (3:39)

Total Time 72:34

CD 2
1. THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (USA) ? Wring Out the Gound (Loosely Now) (11:06)
2. TILION (Italy) ? Can't Be Long Now / Francoise / For Richard / Warlock (11:11)
3. L'IMBROGLIO (Italy) ? The Collapso / Squarer for Maud (6:43)
4. MARY NEWSLETTER (Italy) ? A Last Straw / Box 25/4 Lid (5:32)
5. NOSTALGIA (Italy) ? At Last I'm Free (4:37)
6. ALGEBRA (Italy) ? De-constructing Wyatt (9:40)
- The British Road
- The Age of Self
- Speechless
- Gharbzadegi
7. DONO CELESTE (Italy) ? Alifib / Alifie (11:02)
8. PHIL BEANE (USA) ? Spring Any Day Now (3:00)
9. MOONMADNESS OF DIVAE (Italy) ? Sasquatch (3:54)
10. ROTTERS' CLUB (UK) ? Place of My Own (3:55)
11. TRAMA (Italy) ? Unevensong (5:12)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Bristol £5 note

Finally I got my own Bristol £5 note! Thanks to Stewy!

There is no Winston Churchill on this one, but Robert Wyatt, Banksy, Tricky, DJ Derek, J.K. Rowling and others.

Visit Stewy on

On Bristol Pound here and on Wikipedia.