Friday, December 7, 2018

Annette Peacock in The New Yorker

You might be interested in Damon Krukowsk´s piece "The Unclassifiable, Unstreamable Eighties Albums of Annette Peacock" in the New Yorker (5 December 2018), where she among other things talks about Alfie and Robert Wyatt.

"I was impressed with Alfie’s work, its innocence, the colors, her concept, and I asked her to do a portrait for the cover of “I Have No Feelings.” Alfie was apologetic for never having finished the hands. But all I saw was that glorious, blue, technicolor sky visible through my transparent eyes, and I didn’t care about the unfinished hands. Robert and Alfie are like Paris in the thirties, wonderful, and I fell in love with them both!"