Sunday, October 21, 2018

MOJO No. 300

Finally Mojo´s issue no. 300 is in the shelves here in Norway too.

The cover is a nice tribute to Beatles´ white album of course and the CD that comes with the magazine has a previously unreleased track by Robert Wyatt.

The Wyatt song is a beautiful demo of Robert Wyatt singing the Paul Weller lyrics to "Invisible", a song later used on Weller´s "22 Dreams" (2008).

From Mojo:
"I owe so much to Paul, he´s been so encouraging over the years", Wyatt tells us, "and he played on half a dozen of the best recordings I´ve been able to make. This is my way of saying "Thank you, Paul"."

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Æncrages and Wyatt Tribute Concerts

Found this info on Twitter via @dheissler:

"#Æncrages fête ses 40 ans : Samedi 13 octobre à 16h30 à La Claranda (11190 Serres) #Rencontre avec les éditions Æncrages & Co et Roland Chopard, suivie d’une soirée « hommage à Robert Wyatt ». #savethedate #RobertWyatt".

A 40 years celebration at La Claranda of publishers Æncrages there with a tribute concert to Robert Wyatt too. Musicians are Éric Lareine and Pascal Maupeu.

For info on Æncrages and their projects with Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge please visit the still fantastic Une Discographie De Robert Wyatt.

Lareine and Maupeu are doing a tribute concert the day before also!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Mr Jukes presents Soft Machine's 'Third'

Mr Jukes presents Soft Machine's 'Third'at EFG London Jazz Festival 24 November 2018.


Jack Steadman, bass/vocals
Dan Berry, saxophone
Binker Golding, saxophone
Sarah Tandy, keys
Max Hallett, drums

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Ivor Cutler Exhibition at CCA

A Flat man (2)

If you are in London 1 Oct – 4 Nov 2018 better check out the new exhibition on Ivor Cutler at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Arts! That´s an order!

See also "The World According to Ivor Cutler" in Another Man October 2018.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Robert Wyatt and Elvis Costello `Loose Talk' May 1983

Robert Wyatt and Elvis Costello on the release of `Shipbuilding' on the Channel 4 programme `Loose Talk'.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Rock Bottom - Animated film

What? An animated film called "Rock Bottom" on Robert Wyatt?

See "Así será 'Rock Bottom', la película de animación sobre el pionero de la música psicodélica Robert Wyatt" on

Google Translate:

"The project, which has just received a grant from the Valencian Institute of Cinematography, is led by the Valencian illustrator and filmmaker María Trenor (winner of 15 awards at festivals such as the Berlinale with her short film Con que la lavare ?, and candidate for a Goya for the animated short ExLibris); the scriptwriter and draftsman Joaquín Ojeda (known for his works in television and award-winning films such as El Cielo Sube or the aforementioned Con la lavare?), and animation director Raúl Colomer (who has also participated in productions such as ExLibris or El vendedor de smoke, winner of a Goya in 2013). The team will be completed with 60 professionals specialized in 3D animation. It will be recorded in English, it will be about 80 minutes long and will involve two and a half years of work. The estimated budget is 4 million euros."

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cristina Donà Live

Ginevra Di Marco and Cristina Donà “Del Mondo” (C.S.I.) Festival "Note di Settembre" Trepponti di Comacchio, Via Trepponti - Comacchio (FE) (yeah, I copied that!).

"Del Mondo" (Ferreti/Zamboni/Maroccolo/Magnelli/Canali) is a track on Robert Wyatt´s album "Comicopera" (2007).

"Goccia" (acoustic version) from the Waves Festival (Italy) July 2018.

"Goccia" was recorded with Robert Wyatt singing on the album "Nido" (1999).