Monday, October 25, 2010

Crab is crap

Sunday evening I saw Håkon Kornstad´s new trio Crab is crap, at Bergen Jazzforum´s free concert Jazzout. The trio is Håkon Kornstad (saxophones and sampling) and two local, hard working drummers Øyvind Skarbø and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (and it might be their trio, and not Kornstad´s, for all I know!).
They played a great concert, with fine melodies, some rhythmic circus  and lots of pure fun. Kornstad claimed it felt more like Saturday than Sunday, and Skarbø even interviewed the other ones about their traveling habits. And the trio´s name was heard in Gambia, where a woman said "Crab is crap"!

Someone uploaded a (not to good quality) video on YouTube too.

Sometimes I feel the need to excuse myself for the lack of Robert Wyatt news in this blog. I hope you don´t mind too much, but I´m sure you must have noticed that I try to promote a lot of (more or less famous) Norwegian artists here! If you have visited this blog regularly you have also been exposed to my ramblings about other artists, more or less Wyatt related.
If you should feel that there is too much "and stuff" here, feel free to follow only posts with a Robert Wyatt tag. OK?

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Martyr410 said...


I've been reading your blog for a while now.
Must have found it because of the "Wyatt" in the titel, but I really enjoy reading about all the other artists .

Recently had the plesaure to see Håkon Kornstad perform in Antwerpen together with the fabulous Sidsel Endresen. Wow!

And I would love to attend the Punkt festival once (or more).

So I will keep on reading , so please keep on writing!

Thanks for sharing,