Friday, July 22, 2011

Eldbjørg Raknes marathon

Eldbjørg Raknes received a prize (Norwegian link)  dedicated to the memory of the great singer Radka Toneff  at Moldejazz tuesday, and Thursday she did a six hours long concert at the gallery Kunstnersenteret Møre og Romsdal, where she has worked with festival artist Gjertrud Hals.

I visited twice during the day, and Eldbjørg Raknes really made some beautiful music with voice and samples, sitting in a quite naked (except for light installations in the roof) room in the basement.

Even if I prefer short concerts, leaving me wanting more, this is my second marathon this year! At Borealis in Bergen they kept it going for 12 hours with Avgarde Extreme, but they were three musicians and Eldbjørg Raknes was all alone, so let's call it a draw.

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