Tuesday, May 31, 2016

L’isola di Wyatt

It seems like a Robert Wyatt tribute will be held in Italy 26 June.

Since I´m a big fan of Google Translate, here is some of the info (from Italian Umbria 24) in not so beautiful English:

"Moon in June with a tribute to Robert Wyatt, onstage former CIS and Cristina Donà"

"The second edition of "Moon in june", scheduled Maggiore island on 25 and 26 June 2016, it will be presented during a press conference to be held Monday, June 6 at 11 am at Palazzo della Penna in Perugia".

"So Sunday, June 26, together for a show designed for the occasion, entitled 'The island of Wyatt' will meet some members of the CIS (Francesco Magnelli - Massimo Zamboni - Giorgio Canali - Ginevra Di Marco) along with Brunori Sas and Cristina Donà".


Arie said...

Nice translation: CSI translated to CIS.
CSI is already linked to Wyatt with their contribution on "The Different You - Robert Wyatt E Noi".

Svenn said...