Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don Van Vliet (1941 - 2010)

Don Van Vliet aka  Captain Beefheart died yesterday, from Multiple Sclerosis complications . Thanks to the captain, and let us watch Anton Corbijn´s portrait of this son of the desert ("Some Yo Yo Stuff", 1994).

I can´t remember exactly when I heard Captain Beefheart for the first time, but it must have been on the radio in the early 1970s (or even earlier). The wild voice and the strange rhythms knocked me over. Those days you were lucky if you got to hear some rock on the radio in Norway at all, but we had a guy called Harald Are Lund doing programs regularly. He have been playing and promoting Captain Beefheart all the time since then! A nod to him today!

A short obituary over at BBC.

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