Friday, November 5, 2010

Robert Wyatt vinyl reissues

Robert Wyatt´s solo albums will be reissued by Domino (not much news on their site yet), and  Pitchfork already reviewed them. I´m starting to get a bit dizzy here. Is it really two years since we got some of the albums on vinyl from Domino the previous time? Yes it is! I´m not sure if I have to buy these albums again, owning several versions already ("have to" may be discussed of course), but it´s soon Christmas I hear, so let´s just see what happens!
Here is the schedule  (taken from  here and here, probably with European and US dates):

November 2 or 9, 2010
Rock Bottom (1974)
Ruth is Stranger Than Richard (1975)
Nothing Can Stop Us (1981)
Old Rottenhat (1985)
Dondestan (1991/1998)

November 16 or 22, 2010
Schleep (1997)
EPs (CD only) (1998)
Cuckooland (2003)
Theatre Royal Drury Lane (2008)

Over at Strong Comet they say that "Each LP will come with a full-album art slipcase compact disc" too, but the new albums will be limited to 2000 copies each.

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