Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Piksel10, the annual festival for electronic art and technological freedom, is over.  This year´s theme was "(Un)stable", with workshops, exhibitions, presentations and live happenings.
The technical part of this festival is way beyond what I can grasp, but I enjoy looking around! I did not participate in a workshop where you could build a capitalistic robot (!), but saw a couple of exhibitions (see top picture of Jorge Luis Crowe´s installation and warning) and went to two live happenings, where I got some noise, some strobe lights, some live coding with map visualizations and even some work on a "autonomous hyperspace mathematical model" by  Claude Heiland-Allen.
Do we know how to party, or what? Anyway, if this sounds like your cup of tea, look to Bergen next autumn.

The second picture shows Jorge Luis Crowe´s stash for his evening performance, and you will find some dark pictures and noisy videos on Flickr too.

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