Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Charlie Haden Interview

Please have a listen to "Jazz on 3" this week! They pay tribute to two great jazz men, Kenny Wheeler who died last week (more will come) and Charlie Haden who died in July. You may hear a Quartet West concert from London Jazz Festival in 2007 and parts of an interview with Haden.
The full interview is on Soundcloud and will stay there I guess.

The program was broadcasted yesterday (22 September 2014) and it will be up for a week.

If you listen carefully around 12 minutes into the "Jazz on 3" broadcast, you will even hear Robert Wyatt talking about his love of Charlie Haden´s music. They chatted with Wyatt last week, and he mentioned that Haden had called him up a couple of years ago (more like five years I believe) and asked if he would sing something at his concert. Wyatt says he does not do that kind of things any more "but for Charlie Haden I would crawl out of my grave to do it".

Watch Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra with Carla Bley and Robert Wyatt at Ornette Coleman´s Meltdown in 2009 here and here.

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