Tuesday, September 23, 2014


"Eschatology: A live radiophonic drama about the end of the world, witnessed from a liner adrift on a deserted ocean. Written and narrated by Peter Blegvad, Eschatology is a poetic exploration of the end of everything: of land where we take to ships, of radio contact when white noise fills the receiver; of individual sounds as they echo into space".

First broadcast on BBC Radio 3 20 September 2014, and I don´t know how long it will be available on the net, so check it out soon.

Music and sound effects by Langham Research Centre (Felix Carey, Iain Chambers, Philip Tagney and Robert Worby).

More info and credits over at BBC Radio 3.

I heard this piece at the Borealis festival in Bergen in 2013, and the picture of Langham Research Center was taken there. Peter Blegvad was hidden in the darkness, so I caught him on camera while listening to Richard Skelton and Autumn Richardson afterwards.

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