Monday, October 27, 2014

New albums on SOFA

Why don´t you have a listen to two new relases on the Sofa label?

Microtuba is Robin Hayward (microtonal F-tuba), Martin Taxt (microtonal C-tuba) and Kristoffer Lo (microtonal C-tuba). Their album "Star System" was recorded at Sjøbygda Art House in Selbu, Norway in April 2013. Microtonal and minimalistic, but please try to dance to the track "Squaredance" if you please.

Citing Sofa
: "The 3-dimensional graphic scores used on the album Star System are subsets of the Hayward Tuning Vine, which arose out of a desire to visualise the harmonic space implicit within the microtonal tuba. Each of the balls represent pitches, and the struts between them musical intervals".

Michael Francis Duch´s "Tomba Emanuelle" was recorded in May 2013 at the Emmanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, famous for it´s acoustics.

Citing M.F. Duch: "It is an unedited concert recording of a piece I have been working on since it was first commissioned by nyMusikk Bergen in 2012. It is for one or more bass instruments exploring different registers, timbres and acoustic effects of their instruments and their relation to the room it is being performed in".

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