Friday, July 18, 2008

Circulasione Totale Orchestra

Frode Gjerstad invited old and new friends to join him in a free jazz happening at the Molde Festival Thursday, with a superband version of Circulasione Totale Orchestra. The house was not packed, but what can you expect? Gjerstad walked the stage, directing his troops, and the band was great. We got a lot of noise, but enough quiet moments to gather strength. Memorable moments were Bobby Bradford's beautiful cornet solos and Anders Hana and Lasse Marhaug's industrial background sounds to reeds in free flight. When the concert was over, Bradford couldn't keep himself from improvising a Molde blues for cornet and vocal. Nice one!
The band said we could take pictures as we liked, but they better be good! Check out my good and bad festival photos in my Molde-set on Flickr.

This night's Circulasione Totale Orchestra:
Louis Moholo - drums
Morten J. Olsen drums - electronics
Anders Hana - el.guitar
Frode Gjerstad - sax, clarinets
Nick Stephens - acoustic bass
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums
Børre Molstad - tuba, electronics
Kevin Norton - vibraphone, conductor
Bobby Bradford - cornet
Lasse Marhaug - electronics
Sabir Mateen – sax
Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten – acoustic bass


Anonymous said...


I'm a journalist. I saw Circulasione totale orchestra yesterday at Tampere Jazz Happening, but I didn't get the contact. Would you have the contact of the persons in the band, for example Sabir Mateen and Anders Hana? It would help me a lot. From: Louna Widenius,

Svenn said...

Hei. I might find a telephone number or two for you, and mail them. But I don't know any of these guys personally.

fischli said...


well I was at the tampere jazz happening, too -- listening to the circulasione totale concert - just to make it short, I was very impressed by their intense performance.. looking forward to see them maybe next year in may at the festival in ulrichsberg/ austria.
there was a short comment in the "leading finnish newspaper..-:) helsingin sanomat - mentioning .. it was all just chaos.. so what, do those people know what they are writing... -:)
ciao werner - helsinki

Svenn said...

let´s hope it was not the guy from the first comment!