Thursday, July 17, 2008

Marilyn Mazur Group

Marilyn Mazur Group jazzed and rocked (and maybe jazzrocked) the small venue Forum (160 seats) in Molde today. The group is Marilyn Mazur (dr, perc), Fredrik Lundin (sax, flute), Krister Jonsson (g) and Klavs Hovman (b, colourful shirt and husband). This was much more an everyday, down to earth setting, than the magic scene on Monday's concert with Mazur. The Forum is so intimate, that you are almost on stage, and the music was almost too big for the venue. Mazur may look small, but she could drum for Metallica.
What is happening with the drummers in Molde. Monday Joey Barron was one big smile, and Mazur seems to be smiling all week long.

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